The Blogger: Good News Bad News

Hey hey, SO! This’ll just be a few personal posts. It’ll probably include personal ramblings, news and ideas for future articles. I don’t expect a big readership – I’d be surprised if it even gets read by one person. But, it’s a nice place to talk about what’s been happening and ramble. Don’t worry – it won’t be too frequent!

Good News:

I got accepted into art school!!
I’ll be starting this September, as a mature student, doing a foundation diploma in art and design. The interviewer seemed really impressed, far more than I am, by my photography and sketching skills. He offered me a place on the spot! So, I’ll get an official acceptance letter in about a week and then I can start applying for housing and student finance.

Bad News:

I’ll be moving back to the UK (for art school).
For those of you who don’t know, I currently live in France and have done for just over a year now. It’s hard, leaving. I really love it there. I have a business, a boyfriend(?) too. It’s nothing serious, but I don’t know… I think I’ll miss him. I doubt he’ll miss me – and that’s not me being a pessimist or negative – he genuinely won’t. I’m a oddity and a convenience. Blonde british girl in France. I know my place, calling him my boyfriend is borderline extreme – he’d probably choke.

However, I have to be the strong independent woman I try to be. No man gonna hold me back – especially one that won’t even attempt to. I should be grateful – I am grateful. It’ll be just one year and then I can apply to universities in Toulouse. I can do this.

Future Articles:

I’ve played through Dragon Age Inquisition once fully, but I’m trying some alternative options now so – next article will probably be another Press Start one on that – will definitely be writing Press Start articles on the other Dragon Age games and Mass Effect games.
Also thinking of downloading Assassin’s Creed when I’m back in France, the first, so you can expect posts about that AND Skyrim. I know it’s sacrilege but I couldn’t actually get into Skyrim. I played a lot of Oblivion but got bored of that too… I’m sorry, I’m an awful person.

All my love,



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