After Inquisition: What will Dragon Age 4 have in store for us?

If you started with Origins or only just arrived to the party, the question is the same, will there be a Dragon Age 4?

In all likelihood? YES!

But, what will the new juicy plot line include? Well, we know what we might suggest to the developers at Bioware…

Unlike the previous two installments, Dragon Age Inquisition does not end on a final note. You are left with your protagonist and a whole movement behind you. Which leads us to the question, will number 4 be a continuation of this ideal? A new force has entered the playing field to put even the strongest nations at unease. Will the Inquisition stand down now their purpose has been fulfilled, or will they retain their power and authority within Thedas?

Recent speculation has come up with the following ideas on what the next game could entail…

The Qunari Threat.
We’ve been given a taste, and a total remodeling, of the Qunari in every DA game. We know Tevinter have been at war with them for quite a while and the threat of embracing the Qun could be at it’s peak now that the Breach has been sealed and Thedas is once again safe (and at relative peace). It would stand to reason that the Inquisition itself may be the biggest, and the most ideal, force to reckon the Qunari’s – whether or not the Inquisition still exists by the fourth game however, could be the trigger for a new invasion.

The Tevinter Imperium.
In the latest game we have been give the greatest update on the Tevinter Imperium through Dorian and the Venatori. Though they have had a marked presence in both games before Inquisition, we’ve only really had a detailed picture of what life in Tevinter is really like recently. Now the Venatori are vanquished, as far as we know, they could take advantage of Thedas’ new leniency on Mages, angling into another plot development; and what happened to Feynriel (if you didn’t make him tranquil)?

The Dalish.
The Dalish have been highly covered in all games but never the center of attention. The stoic Elvish peoples, who sometimes even forsake their own, could be the next minority to come under scrutiny and/or further oppression. Will they stand or will they fall?

The Choice. *spoilers* (this isn’t really the basis for a full plot but, definitely a highlight)
Here Lies The Abyss quest in Inquisition led us to a choice. For many, it was between Alistair the Grey Warden and Hawke from DA2 but, Logain and another random Grey Warden were also available. The line given before you make your choice is that they, whoever you choose, are likely to die. BUT, what if they survived?

Enough said really.

SO! These are my top 5 ideas for Dragon Age 4. What are yours? Leave your comments below!

2 thoughts on “After Inquisition: What will Dragon Age 4 have in store for us?

  1. What I do hope is that they move away from the Templar vs mages story – that horse has been well and truly ridden until it makes no sense at all any more. It was fun while it lasted but I think it’s enough now.
    What I think hasn’t fully explored yet – but I*m not sure if delving into this would take away the magic – is the whole Dark City in The Fade thing. Corypheus obviously was very connected to that, but I think there is still story to be had.
    One could also imagine a new conflict between the suppressed elves and the humans (dragon age revolutions…?); I’m not sure I’d like that but every now and then I seem to have caught a foreshadowing of that….
    Otherwise I buy into all of your points. I never really warmed to the Qunari, but I’ll admit it’s a fairly probable scenario….


    1. I totally agree with you about the mage/templar war. Though there’s likely to still be some friction between the two sides in future game(s), it’s definitely run it’s course.
      If I had to guess, I feel they’ll probably run with the Qunari line of thought but, I’m with you when you say you never really warmed to them. I’m intrigued but, I’d much prefer a Tevinter based story for the next installment.

      – Deb The Gaming Recluse


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